Why work with a life coach?
For many people, setting goals and following through can be very difficult. A life coach can provide the guidance, support, accountability, and motivation you need to define your objectives and stay focused to achieving them.
I have a history of emotional/physical trauma. Does coaching address that?
You’re certainly not alone in that. Many people have past emotional or physical traumas, and those memories can get driven up when you’ve decided to go alcohol-free and stop numbing. The nature of coaching is forward-thinking, rather than past-focused. We’re here to empower you in creating a future that inspires you and draws you forward, rather than digging into your past. While we recognize the past and its effects on us, coaching is designed to help you to create your future from your future.
Why work with Christa?

To help navigate your journey, you need someone that can relate, guide, and motivate you with empathy and experience. Christa’s compassionate and gentle approach coupled with the science-backed and evidence-based strategies from This Naked Mind will provide you with the understanding and support needed to help you achieve your goals. Credentials aside, she is committed and focused on your happiness and success! Additionally, Christa has firsthand personal experience reframing her relationship with alcohol as a means of creating legitimate and lasting positive change in her life.

How do coaching sessions take place?

All video sessions are conducted safely and confidentially via Zoom. Prior to each virtual meeting, you will receive an email invitation with all pertinent details.

What kind of commitment is needed from me?

Following your discovery call and once you’ve decided which coaching package best suits your needs, a contract that outlines the terms of your commitment will be executed for your review and approval.

How do I get started?

I’m thrilled that you’re open to exploring what’s possible for you! Start by clicking here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. From there we’ll get acquainted and determine what our next steps should be. 

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