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My name is Christa

I’m a life coach committed to helping you live your best life by introducing you to solutions to create a more positive relationship with alcohol.

If drinking is negatively affecting your health, relationships, and feelings of self-worth, imagine what it would feel like to be fully present, clear, and joyful? What would your life look like without alcohol bringing fear, limiting beliefs, and regret?

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The goal is not your sobriety,

… it’s your freedom.

Guided by the principles of Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind, let’s explore how you can feel and be your best. Together, we can start on your path to a plentiful life.


What They Say

“I really enjoyed being coached by Christa! She was empathetic, insightful, and really got me thinking about what I want more and less of in my life. Her support and guidance were invaluable as I reflect on my life and how I want to move forward.”

Melissa A.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Christa. She provided me with a safe space in which I felt comfortable being my most authentic self. Christa is very empathetic and genuine. We were able to come up with new “tools” of which I am eager to put into use as I move forward in my choice to remain alcohol free. I am very grateful and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Sherry B.

Having undergone specialized training…

…under Annie Grace’s guidance and through This Naked Mind Institute, I utilize This Naked Mind’s science-based approach and unique methodology in my coaching. If you’re not familiar with Annie Grace, check out the video button below.

Annie’s created a brand new way to look at the role of alcohol in our lives. Her approach doesn’t teach people how to be sober; it helps them quash their desire to drink in the first place.

Want to make alcohol truly small and irrelevant in your life? I can help. Together we can strip alcohol of its power and change your beliefs.

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